BD Hypak for Anticoagulant supports

The BD Hypak™ glass pre-fillable syringe for anticoagulant is a glass pre-fillable syringe with a 1/2-inch fixed needle, and a standard in pre-filled drug delivery systems. It is a cost-efficient solution for demanding anticoagulant customers.

The BD Hypak non-biotech for anticoagulant is equipped with 27gauge needle which has 5 bevels to reduce pain during injection and it’s used in the production of enoxaparin and other non-biotech drugs. These syringes have Rigid Needle Shield and you can order them in volumes of 0/5ml and 1ml and they can also be customized in graduated (printed) or non-graduated (non-printed) way.


Hypak for Non-biotech – 5 Bevels Technology

Usually normal needles have 3 bevels at the end. Whereas, BD company has created 5 neat bevels by adding 2 new cuts at the end of the needle and has facilitated the penetration of needle into the skin.

This technique is patented by BD Corporation under the patent number US5752942




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