The BD Hylok™ glass pre-fillable syringe is a new luer syringe for the administration of viscous and IV drugs. The first targeted application for the BD Hylok syringe is hyaluronic acid and more specifically, dermal fillers. For IV injected drugs, the BD Hylok syringe is a ready-to-use glass solution, compatible with main IV connectors.

Hyaluronic Acid injection exerts a lot of pressure on the syringe due to its high viscosity, and many dermatologist and specialists in this field have reported separation of the needle, drug leakage, and rotation of the Luer-lok adapter.

In this regard, Hylok syringes are exclusively designed to solve the challenges of Hyaluronic Acid injection and by using the latest technology in the world, they have solved the injection problems. There are some features, which distinguish these syringes from the previous generation:


Screw-on tip cap

It features an easy-to-use and intuitive tip cap with proven user preference.

Robust connection

It forms a robust connection with leading needleless access devices (NLADs).

Luer-lok enlarged channel (LLEC)

The LLEC reduces risk of clogging in the syringe.

100% glass barrel

72% of decision makers in the hyaluronic acid industry expressed a preference for glass over plastic for their syringes according to an international study.

New luer-lock adapter (LLA) thread design

The new LLA design reduces risk of spontaneous connector disconnection.

New bonding technology

The new technology reduces risk of LLA disconnection or rotation.


1 mL, 3ml, and 5ml formats are available, and other formats up to 10 ml are under development.



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