BD Hypak for Biotech syringe

The BD Hypak™ for biotech is our versatile pre-fillable syringe delivery system that addresses key factors of compatibility with biopharmaceutical drugs.


Hypak for Biotech – 5 Bevels Technology

Usually normal needles have 3 bevels at the end. Whereas, BD company has created 5 neat bevels by adding 2 new cuts at the end of the needle and has facilitated the penetration of needle into the skin.

This technique is patented by BD Corporation under the patent number US5752942


According to clinical studies, the use of 5bevel and 29G Thin Wall (TW) technologies in the needles increases 70% penetration and 40% reduction in pain caused by injection.


  29G Thin Wall (TW) needle technology

BD has 20 years of experience in manufacturing thin-wall needles and meet ISO standards for cannula stiffness and resistance to breakage. As the gauge of the needle increases, its internal and external diameter decreases. Because of this, the patient’s pain will be reduced, but on the other hand, the flow of liquid in the needle will be reduced too. Reducing the flow will cause the plunger rod to retract and will make the injection difficult.

BD company has reduced the outer diameter of the needle to 29 gauge by changing the alloy of the needle, while its inner diameter remains the same as the inner diameter of the needle with 27 gauge. The new product is called 29Gauge Thin Wall and although it has a smaller diameter and less pain during injection, the flow of liquid has not decreased.


The BD Hypak for biotech glass pre-fillable syringe platform has been specifically optimized for use with biopharmaceuticals. This comprises improved container/drug compatibility, container/device compatibility and cosmetic quality.


The BD Hypak for biotech syringe has been selected as the delivery system of choice for many of today's most successful injectable drugs in the treatment of chronic conditions.


The BD Hypak for biotech is equipped with Thin Wall (TW) technology and 29gauge needle which has 5 bevels to reduce pain during injection. It also minimizes the possible risk of drug incompatibility, which is the result of tungsten oxide interaction with proteins of biotech drug. They also have Rigid Need Shield. The stopper of these syringes is covered with Teflon (flurotec).


The BD Hypak for biotech syringe has been optimized to assure compatibility with secondary devices, such as autoinjectors. This feature increases flange resistance and optimizes siliconization for autoinjector-facilitated drug delivery.


The BD Hypak for biotech syringe can be ordered in 1ml volume.


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