BD Hypak for Vaccine syringe

The BD Hypak™ for vaccines glass pre-fillable syringe system is our reliable glass pre-fillable syringe system specifically optimized for vaccinations.

BD Hypak™ for Vaccines reaches the highest standard with the strongest and most reliable pre-fillable glass syringe system which makes it distinguished among other competitors, because these syringes are produced with new technologies and improved validation strategy in all production sites. Also, with having a steady, consistent, and reliable supply of syringes to meet market needs, it has always been a leader in manufacturing and producing seasonal vaccines.

BD Hypak™ for Vaccines are generally divided into two categories, staked needle and Luer syringes:


Staked Needle Luer
BD SCF 1mL 1mL – 1.25 mL –  1.5 mL
Flange Cut Cut – Round – Small Round
Tip / Needle Cap type Rigid Needle Shield Plastic Rigid Tip Cap (PRTC)
Needle diameter 25G – 27G
Needle length 5/8 in




BD Hypak™ for Vaccines with its long history has sold nearly 3 billion units since launch (1897).

BD Hypak™ for Vaccines is selected by the top 5 vaccine pharmaceutical companies.

BD is uniquely positioned with high volume production capacity delivering hundreds of millions of BD Hypak™ for Vaccines each year.


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