Rhophylac® – Human Anti-D Immunoglobulin

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Generic Name

Human Anti-D Immunoglobulin


A. Prevention of Rh(D) immunisation in Rh(D)-negative women
Antepartum prophylaxis:
• Planned antepartum prophylaxis
• Abortion/threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy or hydatidiform mole
• Transplacental haemorrhage resulting from antepartum haemorrhage, amniocentesis, chorionic biopsy or obstetric manipulative procedures e.g. external version, or abdominal trauma.

Postpartum prophylaxis:
• Delivery of a Rh(D)-positive (D, Dweak, Dpartial) baby
An Rh(D) incompatible pregnancy is assumed if the fetus/baby is either Rh(D) positive or Rh(D) unknown or if the father is either Rh(D) positive or Rh(D) unknown.

B. Treatment of Rh(D)-negative persons after incompatible transfusions of Rh(D)-positive blood or other products containing red blood cells

Dosage Forms

Solution for injection, Prefilled syringe, 300IU/2ml

Rout of Administration

Intramuscular injection


• Store in a refrigerator (+2 to +8 °C).
• Do not freeze.
• Keep the syringe (originally blistered) in the outer carton in order to protect from light.


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